Anti cellulite massage? Here’s what to know before

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The anti-cellulite massage is a specialized massage technique made to target cellulite and aid in its eradication and decrease in the affected areas. To properly administer an anti-cellulite massage, a massage therapist needs to possess specific training and certifications.

The anti-cellulite massage reduces the underlying fat in the cellulite-affected areas. To break down the fat, the massage therapist employs certain pinching and rolling motions. Also, the treatment seeks to improve blood flow to the injured areas, hastening the healing process.

As contrast to a complete body massage, the massage therapist concentrates solely on the cellulite-prone areas throughout the whole massage. There is a good chance that you will feel some discomfort during the anti-cellulite massage because the areas with cellulite frequently have sore and unpleasant areas.

In order to “activate” the areas, the massage therapist typically starts by massaging the hips, thighs, legs, and feet. The body’s energy flow and blood circulation are both boosted by this activation process. Similar to a regular massage, the activation procedure will feel comfortable.

Once the major pressure points have been opened up, the massage therapist softly presses down from the buttocks to the feet. To loosen up the fatty tissue, the massage therapist initially uses extremely gentle kneading, pushing, and stretching techniques. Also, the therapist will apply the pinch and hold method directly to the cellulite-affected areas. Under the epidermis, there exist deposits of fat, which are broken up during this process.

The action of kneading and rolling the fat becomes rather natural as the massage develops and the massage therapist can really feel the cellulite under your skin. The fat deposits become softer and more flexible as the massage continues. The pinching and pulling is uncomfortable but the therapist will calm the muscles with a kneading motion in between the pinching, pulling and holding motions.

You will notice that the skin’s surface is becoming smoother and more flexible in the afflicted areas even after a short time. The anti-cellulite massage has the additional benefit of having a quick turnaround time. The massage therapist will switch to employing soothing and peaceful strokes to conclude the treatment.


A blend of essential oils created especially for the anti-cellulite massage is typically used by the massage therapist to increase the effects of the massage. If you would rather use a cream than an anti-cellulite oil, the massage therapist can also use one during the massage.

One of the most popular and efficient techniques to reduce cellulite is with a massage. By scheduling a home massage and having a fully licensed massage therapist visit your home for the treatment, you can incorporate anti-cellulite therapy into your usual weekly routine.